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Container tank MILCOM 050

Cistern superstructure of eliptic profile, no-pressure cistern, exposed, for transportation of drinking water. One-chamber tank with breakwater and watermark is made of stainless steel AISI 304 and is equipped with one manhole of diameter 500 mm. Draining of cistern is realized by separate outlet with dispensing ledge with four faucet and stainless steel centrifugal pump with hydromotor and power regulation. On left and right sides of superstructure stainless steel cabinets, storage and dispensing space. Stainless steel tank is pained with powder coating in accordance with customer's choice mounted on rolloff container with legs (front telescopic, rear fixed with rollers). Cistern superstructure with rolloff system is mounted on two-axle chassis Renault 15.49 (cistern can be mounted on make of chassis and rolloff system according to customer's choice).

Technical data of cistern

Capacity of cistern 5 000 litres
Number of chambers 1
Stainless steel manhole 500mm 1
Saddles 2
Number of outlets 5 (2 main + 3 auxiliary)
Container frame adapted for stainless steel tank + telescopic legs 1

Technical data of chassis

  Total Front Rear
Number of axles 2 1 1
Dimensions length 3 750 width 2 300 height 2 350
Perch 3 100
Weight of container 130
Weight of superstructure 705
Weight total 6 000 standby 1 260 useful 4 740