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Sauerkraut dispenser - vegetable salads

The DZM 1 dosing unit is a separate accessory for the BTH 400, BTH 12 and other suitable types of tubing machines, or as a separate device designed to package similar products into ready-made cups with manual handling.

The actual dispenser consists of three groups:
I. group of auger drives with stirrer, carousel drive (discs)
II. the dispenser chamber group
III. group of measuring cups with discs

The dispenser function - the rolls with filled measuring cups are rotated in a stepwise manner. Metering is done by screw. When the measuring cup is filled (the appropriate dose), the end switch is switched on, the screw is stopped and the disc is rotated, then a dose is cut off by a pneumatic knife and the batch is pushed through the extruder into the machine tube or into the prepared package. When this operation is complete, the screw closes and the working mode is repeated. The dosing is synchronized with the operation of the machine to avoid multiple dosing into one sachet or jaw of the machine. When packaged into ready-made packaging with manual handling, the dispenser operation is controlled manually by button or foot switch.

Basic technical data of dispenser

Basic maximum dimensions of the dispenser length……2 047 mm
width………847 mm
height………930 mm
The performance of the dispenser – dose 0,5 kg
(dependent on the type of dosage and the size of the dose)/th>
minimum performance………10 packaging /min
maximum performance………22 packaging / min
in the arrangement for vegetable salads up to 27 packaging / min
Dose size 200 – 400 g cabbage
vegetable salads as required by the customer
Weight 315 kg