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MILCOM servis a.s.
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ACM 140 + PCM 110

ACM 140 + PCM 110

Tanker-trailer combination for AdBlue transportation

Cistern superstructures of oval profile, no-pressure cisterns, insulated, for AdBlue transportation. Cisterns are made of stainless steel AISI 316. Insulation of cistern is 60 mm thick and made of hard polyurethane foam, jacketed by shiny stainless steel sheet. Ends are jacketed by laminate die-castings of white color. Filling and discharging of cistern is realized by stainless steel centrifugal pump with fluid drive. Side fittings case situated on chassis DAF XF105.410 SC 6x2 is equipped by measuring device with printer produced by GEA DIESSEL. Side stainless steel fittings case situated on two-axle trailer MILCOM is empty, uses issuing device situated on chassis. Issuing device is approved and certified by ČMI Brno.

Technical data of combination

TotalCistern ACM 140Trailer PCM 110
Capacity of cisterns15 000 litres14 000 litres11 000 litres
Number of outlets312
Number of axles53 (1 lifting)2
Brakesdisc brakes with ABS + EBS
Dimensions (mm)16 4859 3207 165
Perch (mm)-4 400 + 14003 650
Weight (kg)44 00026 0008 000
Standby weight (kg)16 25011 8504 400