MILCOM servis a.s.
závod autocisterny
Lhotecká 5
250 01 Stará Boleslav
Czech Republic
+420 326 912 766
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MILCOM servis a.s.
MILCOM servis a.s. is holder of certificates ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP

Service and services

We realize

  • common and general repairings of all types of tankers we produce, including semitrailers and trailers.
  • rebuilding of old stainless steel tankers on new types of undercarriages and container vehicles.
  • rebuilding of old stainless steel small capacity tankers to sizes according to request of customer.
  • leveling of warped tankers after accident.
  • complete replacing and repairing of armatue cases, bridges, hydraulic and armature piping, oil pumping devices and oil hydraulic cases, washing heads, pumping devices, siphons, safety-valves, hydraulic switchboards etc., in some cases by replaceable way.
  • isolating of all types of stainless steel tankers by firm polyurethane foam including laminte fronts.

We supplement tankers

  • with forein equipment, which register quatity of received milk and takes samples of milk
  • with bridges including folding railing
  • with ladders
  • with heating of armature cases and their lighting
  • with washing piping, stopcocks, hose extensions and connectives, hoses etc..
  • with isolation by firm polyurethane foam including laminate fronts.

Our service

During repairing time we lend emergency vehicle.

We are ready for performing of all of your requirements