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MILCOM servis a.s.
MILCOM servis a.s. is holder of certificates ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP

Selling spare parts

We deliver and send all spare parts by post.

On request we send you catalogue of our products and spare parts which is free of charge.

Hoses and their accessories
1. Sucking rubber hoses with attestation of CZ on milk, drinkable water and other liquid groceries products with invested steel spiral and smooth finish (blue, red, white)
- standard hose dimensions DN 40, 50, 65, 80
- other hose dimensions according to request
- lengths of hoses according to request.
2. Transparent plastic sucking hoses with invested steel spiral and smooth finish on milk
- standard hose domensions DN 40, 50, 65
- other hose dimensions according to request
- lengths of hoses according to request.
3. Hoses on vapour
-black with yellow stripe
- standard dimension
- length of hose according to request.
4. Hose fasteners
- strap, stainless steel, of different widths
5. Hose sleeves including special hose extensions and special nuts on hook spanner.
- aluminous, stainless steel
- determined on hose.
6. Stainless steel hose extensions
- on hoses DN 40, 50, 65, 80
- on request other dimensions.
7. Stainless steel stopgaps at the ends of suction hoses.
8. Stainless steel siphons (sucking guns on hoses), which is instrumental towards sucking of milk from ewers and tanks including their spare parts and cases of siphons with adjustment on its washing in circuit together with tanker.
- stainless extensions on siphons
- rubber extensions on siphons.
Stainless steel nuts and spanners
11. Sleeve stainless steel nuts on hook spanners or hexagonal spanners DN 40, 50, 65, UNIVERSAL HOOK SPANNER.
12. Hook spanners including universal one on nuts DN 40, 50, 65.
13. Spanners on hexagonal nuts DN 40, 50, 65.
14. Stainless steel ending nuts on hook spanner or hexagonal spanner DN 40, 50, 65 with or without stainless steel chain.
Washing equipment and detergents, lids and air-exhausting device
16. Spraying balls on washing stainless steel tankers and tanks.
17. Segner's wheels on washing stainless steel tankers and tanks inncluding repairing.
18. Detergents
- on outer surface of stainless steel tankers, containers and tanks METALLOXIN
- on inner surface of stainless steel tankers, containers and tanks KALKOCLEAN
19. Staining substances and staining pastes.
20. Lids of stainless steel tankers including collars, detents and other parts including repairing.
21. We do replacements of angular lids on domestic stainless steel tankers of capacity of 24000 litres with standardized rounded lids.
23. Rubber packing into:
- all types of stainless steel and aluminous domestic tankers
- other tankers on orders
- conduit (red, blue white) DN 32, 40, 50, 65
- stainless steel and aluminous tanks
- stainless steel stopcocks
- siphons (sucking gun)
- various according to needs.
Cocks, keys, filters
25. stainless steel cocks for dairy industry, straight and three-way DN 40, 50 and 65 including repairing.
26. Backward keys including sampling cock DN 50 and 65.
27. Air-exhausting devices on all types (including repairing) of stainless steel tankers and tanks including their parts and inhibitions, which prevent from deformation.
28. Milk filters DN 50 and DN 65.
Pumping devices
30. Self-priming stainless steel pumping device with rubber rotary DN 32, 50 and 65 in undermentioned makes (including repairing)
- ED .. pump drive by electromotor (pumping device and electromotor is on on shared board)
- EM .. EM .. pump drive by electromotor in monoblock with pumping device it means that pumping device is directly on shaft of electromotor
- H .. pump drive by hydromotor.
31. All spare parts of self-priming pumping device with rubber rotary (complete padding, deck quoits, rotary, lids outer, inner, washing, bearing, tightening clamp with handle, electromotors, shafting, gufers, adjustable collars, trestles etc.
32. Air cocks on controling milk pumping device with drive by hydromotor.
33. Stainless steel pumping devices on drinkable water.
34. Hydromotors (including repairing)
- AM 12.01 A
- AM 12.03 AVNM
- AMK 12.7R - only repairs.
35. Micro oil filters into hydraulic distribution of tanker.
36. Hydraulic safety valves PVV 20 into hydraulic distribution (including repairing).
37. Hydraulic distribution systems (including repairing)
- RHP 16-A
- RHP 20-E2
- JR 16-1
- JR 16-2
38. Oil-pumps U 40 (including repairing).
39. Hydraulic hoses.
40. Hydraulic couplers - including three types of incommutable sizes on tank semitrailer (pressure, displacement, leaking).
42. Hoses on air distribution systems.
43. Brake heads red and yellow.
Various stainless steel materials
45. Stainless steel armature cases and gear-boxes (including repairing) on all types of stainless steel tankers.
46. Single parts of cowl of all types of stainless steel (including repairing) tankers.
47. Sheet-metal stock, piping, knees, T dollops, reductions, linking stuff (screws, female screws, washers, rivets etc.).
48. Stainless steel brushes.
50. Stainless steel cases on extinguishers placed on motor-cars, tractors, semitrailers and trailers.
Locks and hinges
51. Stainless steel locks including latch locks, plugs, door stays, plastic key hinges etc.
Metering and taking samples of milk
53. Autosamplers for taking of samples of milk including spare parts and service.
54. Equipment for metering of received milk including spare parts and service.
Spare parts for tank vehicles, semitrailers and trailers
56. Silencers with side outlet including other piping.
57. Plastic mudguards including holders.
58. Stainless steel bumpers, silent-blocks, snubbers.
59. All spare parts on semitrailers and trailers (including repairing).
60. Holders of spare tyres for one or two wheels (for carts).
61. Clamping corner components on container semitrailers (including replacing).
62. Frames of single-axle and three-axle undercarriages (including repairing).
63. Parts on ANTIBLOCK SYSTEM including setting OF ANTIBLOCK SYSTEM on semitrailers and trailers.
65. Entire electro-outfit on tank semitrailers.
66. Side lighting of tank vehicles including side markers and reflecting glasses.
67. Lighting of armature cases.
Walkway grates, footbridges, folding railings, outgoing ladders
69. Walkway plastic and stainless steel throughs (including repairing).
70. Installation of stainless steel railing fixed or folding (including repairing).
71. Installation of outgoing eventually washing ladders (including repairing).
Isolation and heating
73. We isolate all domestic stainless steel tankers (stiff polyurethane foam, laminate fronts) (including repairing).
74. Heating of armature cases.
75. Equipment for registration of temperatures of transported milk in tankers.
76. Spare parts according to needs. On the basis of delivered documentation or sample we are able to make component you need.
77. As service department of firm PANAV A.S. we do all repairs and service on all its products and supplies of spare parts.
78. Equipment for metering and registration of temperatures of transported milk in tankers.

Contact person:
Alena Krkavcova  telephone/fax: +420326912766, mobile phone: +420603212295