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PCM 010

PCM 010 PCM 010

Tank trailer MILCOM 010

Cistern is made of stainless steel AISI 304, all inner welds are grinded. Cistern is no-pressure, insulated with flat ends (insulation 60 mm + outer shiny stainless steel sheet with laminate ends), designed for the transport of liquid food products and other commodities. All seals comply with food industry quality. Top of the tank is equipped with manhole with vent pipe. Cistern is equipped with removable drinking water dispensing ledge.  To the frame of the truck the tank is mounted via two stainless steel saddles. The chassis is supplied by AGADOS s.r.o. Velké Meziříčí. The frame of the trailer is adapted for mounting stainless steel tank.

Technical data of cistern

Capacity of cistern 1 000 litres
Number of chambers 1
Stainless steel manhole with diameter 420mm 1
Saddles 2
Number of outlets 2 + 3 auxiliary

Technical data of chassis

Number of axles 1
Wheels 185 R14 C 104 G
Brakes drum brakes
Dimensions length 3 320 width 1 530 height 1 850
Perch Z 2 310
Weight total 1 600 standby 540 useful 1 060