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Stationary device for heating the grease

The device is designed for heating grease, which is laid on a stainless steel grate heated by water. The water is heated by a heating element with a output of 7700 W when supplied from the mains 400 V / 50 Hz. The water temperature is controlled by a digital regulator located on the front wall of the cabinet. The temperature sensor is located on the suction side of the pump circuit. The water flow is provided by the Grund-fos circulation pump. The volume of stainless steel, insulated and heated grease tub is 280 liters. Switching on the whole device is signalized by a white indicator on the control panel, the operation of the heating circuit is signaled by the illuminated rotary knob “HEATING”. The drain pipe is heated by a 100 W / 240 V heating cable. The temperature can be adjusted via a controller located inside the control cabinet. The temperature is maintained at the set value by the temperature sensor. The grease is laid in the form of cubes on the heating grate and is subsequently collected in a collecting tray from where it is pumped to the production facilities of the processing line. The whole device is made of stainless materials.

Basic technical data of ZRT1

Dimensions ZRT1 length……1 600 mm
width………1 100 mm
height………1 400 mm
Capacity of grease tank 280 litres
Water capacity of heating circuit 100 litres
Power parameters rated voltage………400 V, 50 Hz
rated current………19,5 A
output of installed heating………7,7 kW
Total weight without operation fluids 305 kg
Total weight including operation fluids 585 kg