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ACM 150

ACM 150 ACM 150

Tank car MILCOM 150

Cistern superstructure of oval profile, no-pressurre, insulated, designed for foodstuff transportation. Cistern is made of stainless steel AISI 304. Insulation of cistern is 60 mm thick and made of hard polyurethane foam, jacketed by stainless steel sheet with circular pattern. Ends are also made of stainess steel with circular pattern. Filling cistern is done by self-priming pump with rubber rotor. Pump is driven by hydraulic motor, connected to hydraulic system of vehicle. Cistern is equipped with capacitive probes. Superstructure is mounted on three-axle chassis SCANIA G 440 LB6x2 (cistern can be mounted on chassis's make of customer's choice). Side stainless steel fittings case is suitable for measuring device, eg by GEA DIESSEL.

Technical data of cistern

TotalFront chamberRear chamber
Capacity of cistern15 000 litres7 500 litres7 500 litres
Number of chambers2
Number of washing heads633
Number of outlets211

Technical data of chassis

Number of axles312 (1 lifting)
Wheels385/65 R 22,5 and 315/80 R 22,5
Brakesdisc with ABS
Dimensionslength 8 700width 2 550height 3 340
Perch4 100 + 1 350
Weight of chassis8 840
Weight of superstructure and measuring device3 050
Weighttotal 26 000standby 11 890useful 14 110