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MILCOM servis a.s.
MILCOM servis a.s. is holder of certificates ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP

CNM 260

CNM 260 CNM 260

Tank semitraile MILCOM NCM 280

Tank semitrailer of circular profile, two chambers, insulated, no-pressure for transportation of DAM substance and other non-ADR fluids. Cistern is made of stainless steel AISI 304L. Insulation of cistern is made of solid polyuretan foam, outer surface is made of semimatte stainless steel sheeet. Ends are covered by laminate die-castings of white colour. Discharging done by gravity flow and special stainless steel pump with hydraulical drive from towing vehicle. Chassis of our construction is made of steel profiles, hot zinced, axles BPW, one axle lifting, air cushioning and chassis with letting down (even up to ramp).

Technical data of cistern

TotalFront chamberRear chamber
Capacity of cistern28 000 litres14 000 litres14 000 litres
Number of chambers2
Number of washing heads---
Number of outlets211

Technical data of chassis

Number of axles31 lifting + 2
Wheels385/65 R 22,5 160J
Brakesdisc brakes with EBS
Dimensionslength 10 880width 2 500height 3 700
PerchT 4 870 + 1 310 + 1 310
Weighttotal 36 000standby 6 200useful 29 800